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Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Transmission Kit 1993-2003

Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Transmission Kit 1993-2003

Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Transmission Kit 1993-2003    Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Transmission Kit 1993-2003
Kit chain + sprocket + crown steel crown ratio 16x45 chain no 525 type rk525fex. The different types of chain: h = reinforced without o-ring hg = reinforced gold without o-ring ks and ms = hyper-reinforced without o-ring mxz = ultra-reinforced without o-ring so and kro = reinforced with o-ring fex = super-reinforced with rx mfo = super-reinforced with xw gxw type joints = ultra-reinforced with xw ro and gsv3 type joints = ultra-reinforced 1-side gold with xw hru type joints = racing with y-type joints o-joints with a flat contact area to hold the lubricant, the rk type o O-ring offers a silent, smooth, safe, effective power transfer without any friction.

Always lubricated thanks to its flat contact area, the O-ring chain prevents all risks associated with use. Joint type rx seen from cutting, the joint rx is presented in the form of an x, giving it an additional tank of lubricant, reducing friction due to twists, thus providing optimal performance under high stresses, as well as a service life increased by 30% compared to that of ordinary O-ring chains. Ideal for high speed and high temperature use, the xw seal has 3 contact surfaces, 2 internal stabilizers and an advanced butadein nitrite component. These specific features provide effective protection against wear due to friction during high speeds, against intense heat, against bending due to twisting. Minimizing the risk of failure as much as possible, the xw seal provides a service life of 50% longer than that of ordinary O-ring chains.

Joint type y (ultra) O-ring specifically designed for motocross and road circuits, the ultra-thin joint y is introduced into the space that separates the inner and outer plates. Weight equal to a chain without joints, it offers more efficient power transfer and incomparable heat resistance. This model is ideal for new generations of racing motorcycles where the lightness and space available are important factors. Type of vehicle - motorcycle make vehicle - honda model vehicle - africa twin 750 vintage - 1996 vintage - 1997 vintage - 1998 vintage - 1999 vintage - 1999 vintage - 2000 vintage - 2001 vintage - 2002 vintage - 2003 vintage - 1993 vintage - 1994 vintage - 1995 crown material - steel type - chain kit and gables category - transmission. We accept returns within 30 days of delivery.

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  1. compatible manufacturer: honda
  2. compatible model: africa twin 750
  3. type: chain kit and sprockets
  4. Manufacturer part number: 59232.270
  5. mark: france equipment

Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Transmission Kit 1993-2003    Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Transmission Kit 1993-2003