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Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon

Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon
Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon
Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon
Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon
Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon

Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon   Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon
This subassembly includes all the picture component of the component-parts. Ask the seller a question.

These days Delkevic offers complete lines that are produced to the same standards of manufacture and design our parts exhaust. The attention to detail ensures a fitting and proper performance for a product that has a hardness of life, at an unbeatable price. Is manufactured in a factory in us, according to the most stringent quality control procedures to ensure continued customer satisfaction.

This includes activities - silent Delkevic with removable baffle, connecting tube, strap silent carrier, clamps, seals and fasteners. This exhaust is legal for the road in the United Kingdom. Please note that for any product purchased for use outside the UK, we can not guarantee and / or advise on its implementation or compliance to local laws of the recipient country, as marquage'e'ou'tüv'ou similar approval.

Please check locally before ordering our product. Any product Delkevic holds a 5-year warranty. After installation, our product does not require re-mapping or setting. So it is always recommended to take a test dyno after mounting parts replaced on your bike. Does this exhaust is legal for the road?

Does it amounts to my bike? Does it have a removable baffle? They have Delkevic discrete system for removal of the chicane. This exhaust, how much noise it makes?

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Do not hesitate to contact us, either for collection, full line, pipe de-catalyst, carbon silencers or other - we're here to help! Please note that payment via e-check may last up to 10 days to pay. The goods are sent only when the payment is settled. Any package requires a signature on delivery, so please ensure that someone is available to sign. We ship to a good majority of destinations europe, north america, south america, asia and australia, but there are some exceptions that our carriers do not serve.

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We nacceptons not the product of return that is specially ordered for you, or is made on purpose to your specifications. All returns must report the name, the address and account number of the sender, the order number (all visible on the invoice provided), and reason for the return.

Please help us to help you. Please save your proof denvoi, you need it for any claim against your chosen carrier.

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The item \\ silent, deflectors \The seller is \This item can be shipped to the following countries: Europe.
  1. warranty: yes <\/ li>
  2. material: Fiber-to-carbon and stainless <\/ li>
  3. part number: kit09h0 <\/ li>
  4. targeted use: change <\/ li>
  5. brand: Delkevic <\/ li>
  6. form: oval <\/ li>
  7. length: 350mm <\/ li>
  8. subtype: silent-kit <\/ li>
  9. Type: Exhaust <\/ li>
  10. to model: XRV750 africa twin (1993-2003) <\/ li>
  11. to make: honda <\/ li>
  12. guarantee period: 5 years <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon   Honda Africa Twin Xrv750 1993-2003 Exhaust Silencer 350mm Oval Carbon