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DID Kit Trasmiss. Chain Ring Sprocket Honda Xrv650 Africa Twin 198 890 420

DID Kit Trasmiss. Chain Ring Sprocket Honda Xrv650 Africa Twin 198 890 420

DID Kit Trasmiss. Chain Ring Sprocket Honda Xrv650 Africa Twin 198 890 420   DID Kit Trasmiss. Chain Ring Sprocket Honda Xrv650 Africa Twin 198 890 420
Accossato choose us like official reseller web. This is a guarantee for. Did final transmission kit rear sprocket + forehead + chain. Note: the DID VX chain mount kit with original mesh number, rear and the front sprocket with Toothing and size as original factory. It is not feasible to request changes on the teeth! Images included for reference Purposes Only! Did kits are born on the idea of ​​efficiency and safety for motorcycle transmission systems. Many years of experience in the field of chains and gears-have led the company to be a reference in the sector.

Today everyone is asking / wanting DID Their components for transmission, the motorcycle companies use DID have original hand equipment. Ideal For the most demanding rider Accustomed to long distances per year, this is kit safe and reliable quality reference. The kit Consists of a steel crown and pinion with teeth identiques To That of original equipment. The chain is the DID of the VX series suitable for all displacements, caractérisée by Greater rigidity, good durability (over 40%) and Reduced power loss (up to 50%). Recommended by professionals, qualified dealer and spare parts Specialized workshops.

Made in japan: did quality for high performance. Chains for over 80 years all They Are Produced in Kaga in japan and distributed all over the world. Built by The Most Experienced technicians in the industry to Ensure high performance for all motorcyclists. Is a world leader in the manufacture of original equipment chains. Uses an exclusive treatment for pine chain. Called SDH is Composed of an outer layer of very hard chromium carbide, the inside is INSTEAD The Contrary is in soft material for an optimal absorption of the shock from loading and hopping. The DID supports the best pilots through meticulous testing to Develop the best technologies and products, working side by side with The Most prestigious teams in the world.

Warning: due to regulations in strength concernant the air transportation of goods, it is not feasible to send the grease container contained in the kit to Some countries. In 1994 the passion and experience of fabrizio Bertollini created omnia racing, with the aim of Representing a Reference Point for everyone bottom of bikes.

In 2000, When Salvatore orefice join omnia racing, the omnia racing special parts project is founded, a society based on the passion and competence needed to create and trade the top products for motorbikes. Our continuous search for perfection and performance, using advanced technology, Has allowed omnia racing special parts to interact with Internationally famous pilots and teams. Our products are excellent for Both road and system use. They are Constantly tested by our technicians and pilots, THUS Improving the techicnal, structural and dynamical features of the materials and of the special adopté Produced shares.

The Experience Gained through the years HAS permitted omnia racing special parts to be extremely selective in the choice of the firms and of the products distributed. Accostato, afam, aim, akrapovic, andreani, arrow, Bazzaz, bc battery controller, bitubo, bmc, braking, Brembo, bst, capit, Castrol, derry motorcycle, tuning fork, DID, Discacciati, eibach, ek, fabbri, far, FrenTubo , Galfer, gbracing, giannelli, gifrap, givi, gopro hero, gpt, H2O, Hagon ixil, Jollymoto, kappa, laser, lcr saddle leovince, Lightech, mafra, marchesini, MARVIC, marzocchi, mastered, MIVV, MRA, nissin , ohlins, pBR, polini, pt, rhizomes, rm, robby motorcycle, sachs, STM, stomp, superb, Suter, Termignoni, Valtermoto.

Omnia racing special parts is in close touch with customers ict, Taking to share Several significant events: Bike Expo padova, national and international races, free tour sessions. On the web, our \This shoulds allow our customers to feel at ease and to trust us. All this allowed us to Become HAS, in less than a decade, has reference points in italy; In addition, our products are increasingly Demanded aussi in europe and in the us. The item \gables \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. brand: did <\/ li>
  2. Manufacturer Part Number: 372835000 - en <\/ li>
  3. manufacturing country: Italy <\/ li> <\/ Ul>

    DID Kit Trasmiss. Chain Ring Sprocket Honda Xrv650 Africa Twin 198 890 420   DID Kit Trasmiss. Chain Ring Sprocket Honda Xrv650 Africa Twin 198 890 420