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Kit Chain Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Rd07 1993-2000

Kit Chain Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Rd07 1993-2000
Kit Chain Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Rd07 1993-2000

Kit Chain Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Rd07 1993-2000    Kit Chain Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Rd07 1993-2000
This product page has been automatically translated. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Entire chain in the highest quality DC afam.

(Up to 520 channels are supplied with a locking clip, strings of more than 520 with a rivet lock). Dec afam is active in racing for years and provides many race teams working on road and off-road. You do not buy a set of cheap chains, but quality products!

All good things come together in the afam chain kits and precision gears and pinions are combined with a solid afam chain. There is nothing cheap to buy chain kits, because the chains wear out quickly and also make the sprocket and chain ring unusable, so you have nothing saved and you can redo the work.

Gear - number of teeth. 45 teeth on the pinion. Tensile strength of the chain 3988 kg.

Maximum width of the chain of 23.50 mm. 16 teeth on the pinion. Chain with a ring x. Chain (open) with hollow rivet bolt. Maximum chain height of 15.00 mm.

Diameter of the roller chain of 10.20 mm. Chain - weight per 100 links. 1.82 kg per 100 chain.

Please scroll down for more information. Dec afam was able to continuously expand its experience in motorsport since 1978 and provides many work teams in road racing and off-road in the world. Here you get quality products to belgium and no cheap noname products. Through close cooperation with the championship teams of the world, including: motorcycle gp superbike wm, motocross mx1 and mx2 gp fim enduro wm, ama US and many more ... The experience can directly enter the development work of chains and sprockets.

The improvements are tested and can be quickly implementations. Thus, the drive chains and sprockets DC afam on the cutting edge of technology! The good quality continues to confirm because dc many original equipment afam automakers such as sherco, norton, kymco, Sarolea, avinton.

We sell the chains, sprockets and gears dc afam since 2009 and can confirm a very good value for money, you get a very good quality at a fair price. Board dc-chain k635 - width product type division division chain 525 - length chain - chain art - dark color steel chain - chain lock - height chain - sprocket roller pinion steel - color. Kette - gewicht 100 pro Glieder.

1.82 kg pro 100 Kettenglieder. 15.00 mm Maximum kettenhöhe. 23.50 mm Maximum kettenbreite. 10.20 mm kettenrollen durchmesser. The item \The seller is \This article can be shipped worldwide.

  1. string - height: 15.00 mm Maximum height of the chain <\/ li>
  2. division: division 525 <\/ li>
  3. string - capacity: approx chain. 250-800 ccm recommended <\/ li>
  4. ean: 3509890678292 <\/ li>
  5. string - role: 10.20 mm cast roll diameter <\/ li>
  6. chain - type: string with x-ring <\/ li>
  7. string - pro weight 100 members: 1.82 kg pro 100 chain links <\/ li>
  8. chain wheel - number of teeth: 45 tooth sprocket am <\/ li>
  9. chain - tensile strength: Tensile strength 3988 kg chain <\/ li>
  10. brand: dc afam <\/ li>
  11. Sprocket - color: standard color wheel silver chain <\/ li>
  12. chain - color: dark steel <\/ li>
  13. chain - castle chain (open) with hollow rivet lock <\/ li>
  14. manufacturer part number: k635 <\/ li>
  15. sprocket - material: steel sprocket <\/ li>
  16. Manufacturer: DC afam <\/ li>
  17. Type: <\/ li> string kit
  18. chain - width: 23.50 mm maximum width of the chain <\/ li>
  19. chain - length: 124 links long chain <\/ li>
  20. gear - number of teeth: 16 am pinion teeth <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Kit Chain Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Rd07 1993-2000    Kit Chain Honda Xrv 750 Africa Twin Rd07 1993-2000