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MIVV Oval Exhaust Approves Titanium Xrv750 Honda Africa Twin 1993

MIVV Oval Exhaust Approves Titanium Xrv750 Honda Africa Twin 1993

MIVV Oval Exhaust Approves Titanium Xrv750 Honda Africa Twin 1993    MIVV Oval Exhaust Approves Titanium Xrv750 Honda Africa Twin 1993
Mivv choose us like official reseller web. This is a guarantee for. Mivv oval EXHAUST approves titanium for Honda XRV750 Africa Twin 1993>. The includes the link pipe kit (Where necessary), and all the mounting parts are exhaust Developed with the original ECU, so the assembly does not require remapping of the same, or assembly Any additional ECU. The MIVV oval exhaust has-been designed to Improve the performance of your bike, with an attractive and design refined, and a single sound, this slip-on silencer is designed to Satisfy every motorcyclist Who wants to stand out through the unique look of your bike .

The oval line of MIVV muffler is perfectly suited to-any kind of motorcycle, the care of the finishes of this exhaust and attention to detail to make this The Smallest exhaust slip-on the best compromise between design exclusivity and performance. All oval models-have a removable db-killer. The oval exhaust is available in 3 versions.

Constructed with carbon body and cup with high thermal resistance, the silencer HAS open slits on the cup, a detail that helps dissipate heat and Gives the terminal has more sporty design. Made with brushed stainless steel body, material That Gives the classic natural finish of stainless steel. Characterized by a titanium body and a carbon cup made of high thermal resistance di twill 3k kind. Other features are to underline the open slits on the Cape Aesthetically appealing and technically Useful As They help to dissipate the heat while giving a design Sportier.

Design that perfectly matches the look of MOST motorcycles currently on the market. Only the best materials available are used, with the body made of AISI 304 austenitic stainless steel (only for stainless steel version).

Processing and technological solutions That can only be offert by A Few companies, resulting and from the experience Gained with motogp. Guarantee of Good power and torque performance. Silencer aussi suitable for use on track.

Approval in according with european standards. Significant weight saving When Compared with original exhausts. The reliability That can only be offert by one of the main original exhaust manufacturers in the world. Guarantee of an after-sales service capable of finding solutions. In 1994 the passion and experience of fabrizio Bertollini created omnia racing, with the aim of Representing a Reference Point for everyone bottom of bikes.

In 2000, When Salvatore orefice join omnia racing, the omnia racing special parts project is founded, a society based on the passion and competence needed to create and trade the top products for motorbikes. Our continuous search for perfection and performance, using advanced technology, Has allowed omnia racing special parts to interact with Internationally famous pilots and teams. Our products are excellent for Both road and system use. They are Constantly tested by our technicians and pilots, THUS Improving the techicnal, structural and dynamical features of the materials and of the special adopté Produced shares. The Experience Gained through the years HAS permitted omnia racing special parts to be extremely selective in the choice of the firms and of the products distributed.

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All this allowed us to Become HAS, in less than a decade, has reference points in italy; In addition, our products are increasingly Demanded aussi in europe and in the us. The item \exhaust \ silent, deflectors \The seller is \
  1. Brand: MIVV <\/ li>
  2. manufacturer part number: h.Ln <\/ li>
  3. marca veicolo: honda <\/ li>
  4. manufacturing country: Italy <\/ li>
  5. Manufacturer warranty: 2 years <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    MIVV Oval Exhaust Approves Titanium Xrv750 Honda Africa Twin 1993    MIVV Oval Exhaust Approves Titanium Xrv750 Honda Africa Twin 1993